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I'm trying to comment without looking at your mandala! Not so easy.

I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I'm glad you will continue with the Great Round after a respite. I've really enjoyed the process, even being a bit behind. (I quit my job and started a business so that's where my focus has been.) But I really want to catch up and go through the entire round. Effy said you'd be back. I hope so!


I too hope you will be back with the Mandala round! I am catching up after a lot of travel and a month of my mother in the hospital/rehab ... I am working on Stage 8 today ... this has been such a lovely practice and I appreciate all that you put into the prompts and explanations for each round. When will you be back?

Barbara Hagerty

I do plan on returning. In fact, right now I am waiting for approval into the new site so that I can see what content is there, and what I may need to add. I had planned on doing this over the weekend, but with the old site now closing tomorrow instead of the end of the month, I need to rush and get it done today. Hope I get my approval email in time! See you there! XOXO

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