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January 13, 2013


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Connie Rose

Whoever says you can't do something is horribly bound to convention. Art is whatever you want to do. Period.


Love this on so many levels!

Monica Smith

I sort of felt this way coming from a sewing/needlework background and then determined that usually my likes and dislikes are based on abuse of a particular design element. Growing up with elderly parents whose roots were in Victoriana and Edwardian life it was easy to be overwhelmed by all manner of decorative items. Now recovered, I even like steam punk.

You page above is stunning. the flourish is perfect.

Rita Ackerman

My mother always said "They say . . ." or "They do . . ." and even as a child I wondered who "they" were. when I reached my teen years I realized she had entirely different "theys" then anybody else because the fashion or whatever her "they" came up with didn't appear anywhere in my school.Over the years I still question any "they" who says something is wrong or right but not necessarily what I want to do. When "they" come out in the open maybe I will listen.

Joanne Thieme Huffman

You select your elements of art and design with a great flourish!

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