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January 28, 2013


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what makes my page successful you've asked, my answer : when i've completed a journal page. It can be hard at times to get ideas and i normally do it without knowing what i'm doing. Anyway i love your journal-ing pages. it's a masterpiece of it's kind, unique and incomparable:)

debra dacosta

Hi..I like to challenge myself when I create a page..the page I'm working on now..I tried to incorporate different values of pink..and then black straight lines. I can then look at each page and see what I have come up with..trying to use design elements. Other times I just don't think at all..I just create. Fun..I love it!


My only measure is if I LIKE it - and whether I've managed to get down the things I wanted and needed to work through. Sometimes the moment passes in between starting and later work, and pages never do get finished. So what? Its MY journal and I say what goes in it, and what's "good" and what isn't ....

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