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June 08, 2012


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joanne thieme huffman

An enticing cover.


Lovely and beautiful... I feel a little discouraged though because I am one of those people who don't seem to be able to go for perfection. So you make me wonder a bit if my books are not perfect like yours, whether I should keep making them...
Is less then perfect worse? Is it about fun? Is it about perfection? Hmmm, interesting blog post you make here.
But I love the book in itself! It's gorgeous.
I thought it is an Amish saying that Only God makes perfection, and people should at least not try to be godly, so one mistake is needed....


hmmm, I thought I posted a comment here but guess I didn't...

RosieRowe (@RosieRowe)

Now that is an awesome book... I want to reach out and touch it! You know how much I adore fibres and textiles, Barbara - how wonderful!

Barbara Hagerty

Not perfection, Catherine, excellence. Which can include flaws, mistakes, and everything else that goes along with having fun, but also striving to do ones best. Sometimes that means just playing the best and with the most freedom possible. Other times, it means following some rules so that things turn out the way you want them.

You are 100% right. No one can ever be, or do anything perfectly. I have heard that Amish saying, and I know that especially in quilting, they make one block turned the wrong way just to remind themselves that they are not perfect. But I have to say that when a person consciously makes a decision to do something imperfectly, it implies that they could be perfect unless they tried to make a mistake. That part always bothered me, since I agree, no one can ever be perfect.

But striving for excellence and learning how things are done, then making up one's own mind about how to apply that knowledge, and also discovering new things along the way by just playing with abandon, I think, is a very good and human thing, and an excellent way to approach art!

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