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April 04, 2012


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Monica Smith

Never knew that; and i worked in advertising a very long time ago. Since I rarely look at watch ads, well more like never then caught it watching the video. Your post was most interesting as recently started thinking of time in terms of generations and aging. As a retiree time is no longer the controller and just another retiree!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Very interesting. I did not know it or notice it but you're right. Every watch is set at the same time. Amazing. I like your journal page and your story of how you did it.

Rita Ackerman

Well, I noticed the time but I didn't know that. I love how you put this page together. I have Marney's information but I haven't had the TIME to do anything with it. sigh

joanne thieme huffman

It looks like an interesting project. I knew watches were always set at 10:10, but I didn't know why.


I did not know that but I did notice that all the watches stood on 10.10. Great little snippet to know... I find your page very balanced. Love the white band in the middle with the people, and the white letters on black give a nice flow to the page. Well done!


Wow! I didn't know that! Now that you pointed it out, it makes sense, though :-) And i love your journal page! Time is indeed always a problem!

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