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February 27, 2012


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joanne thieme huffman

I'm not comfortable with doing art in public; I ascribe that to "post traumatic eighth grade art teacher syndrome."

Monica Smith

The sentence "I was raised by experts to believe those things were not only unimportant, but that they were unhelpful" most interesting and the key word unhelpful. Opinions abound, social networking being the proof that ill informed or slanted opinions fill the minds of us all in one field or many. Since every where you hear people referred to as an artist,(e.g. gardening, home decor, recording, dance etc. etc. etc.) and since art is expressive as well as representational it is not surprising that the the general public now considers itself able to be a critic. It is the comment, the aside, the look that is really an example of rudeness more than anything else. As a hobbiest and general explorer of hand work I get lots of this along with my GD/GS is in art student school......... most often i shut up or reply with sarcasm, as some English writer once noted “sarcasm is the lowest form of humor but the highest form of wit,” (wrongly attributed to Oscar Wilde).

Sorry for my ramblings. It is just a source of amusement when i travel to see what passes as art and the price. To think Cy Twombly once met with my scorn and now i regard him as a fallen master of marketing.


Interesting post. As someone who is fascinated by the artistic process, if I was out in public and saw an artist at work, I would be automatically drawn to that person. And while it would never occur to me to criticize their work (something I consider the height of rudeness), I am curious to know what the difference is between someone with a genuine interest and a curiosity-seeker. I think I am going to have a syndrome now because the last thing I would ever want to be considered is a waster of someone's time.

Rita Ackerman

Sometimes your insight amazes me. I watch you working away on a journal page and wonder what you are thinking. Your new work is Amazing.


"Many of them are patronizing, and I hate patronization most of all because it stems from a sense of superiority that dishonestly veils itself with the pretence of kindness, but in truth it is imperious and judgemental."
I am so in love with this quote and am taking it to a phsychologist i am starting to see as of today - this quote explains perfectly my 2 ex husbands that destroyed my soul, but i was made to feel like the ....?
Thank you for this wonderful article - my 2nd ex "hates art" - i adore art and have been in kelly's classes to and am signed up for her next one - you give me courage to post my work!
on a sidenote - your attitude to not caring about others opinions does that carry across to all areas of your life?
have a wonderful day

Barbara Hagerty

Thank you all for your comments! I responded to Cat in a private email, and wanted to let you all know that I appreciate and value everything you have to say, and I'm so grateful that you would take the time to look, to read, and to comment!
Andrea, that's a good question. In most things I have no problem with critical opinion. I first try to see how much of it may actually apply and help me correct things I might need to do differently, and if it isn't helpful, then I usually ignore it. But the sticking point for me is when someone is mistaken, or I'm falsely accused. I am quite sensitive to this as I seem to have an innate sense that the truth must prevail. So those things sting a little more deeply and are harder to slough off when not resolved. But for the most part, I think that not letting the opinions of others negatively affect me does extend beyond art. I know that I'm human and destined to make mistakes along the way. I don't expect perfection of myself, and I excuse imperfection in others to the very best of my ability. I try very hard to see all of humanity as works in progress. That doesn't mean that I tolerate abuse. It means that I understand that no one is immune from the baggage they carry in life. I try not to judge others because it's impossible for me to rightly know all of my own motives with 100% clarity. Even more difficult -- impossible, really -- to know those of others. So if it's instructive, I try to learn from it, and if it's cruel, I try very hard to let it roll like water from a duck. Hope that helps.


I find your comments intriguing and in place with what I was raised to believe would be a "true artist 's" style.

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