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January 07, 2012


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This is so neat. I love your mug!

Joanne Thime Huffman

Great mug! I used to drink Prince Of Wales (Twinings) every day, both hot and iced. Now, I as limited to green tea (which I don't like and won't drink) and white tea (which I am getting used to). I'm looking forward to you fiber blog.

Barbara Hagerty

I'm adding Elaine's comment here, so everyone can find the link to her blog. The comment ended up on the New Years post above by mistake, and I don't know of another way to get it here, except to copy and paste, so that's what I've done:

Barbara...I have a few favorite mugs and just couldn't pick one as my favorite. I shared on my blog the photos. I hope others decide to do this.

Anne Downen

That's a beautiful mug!

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