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August 03, 2011


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I really like this page! I'd also love to know what size your book is - hard to guage on the blog... Don't we have some cool ether-bond?!! It's also wonderful to see you blogging away on a daily basis! Keep going! xoxoxo

Barbara Hagerty

Rosie, this book is small. The pages are 5" X 7-1/4". I made two this size, and one that's 8-1/4" X 10". This isn't the page I told you about in the comment I left on your blog. What I told you about is actually a two page spread, and for some reason, when I got busy with this one, I forgot that I was going to post the other as well. That spread is completely different from this page. Sorry if I confused you.

joanne thieme huffman

Love the palette - tropical rain forest is a cool color. Very nice page.


You had me at Ravens and Crows. LOL What a beautiful spread. So well balanced. I love seeing your work, very inspiring.

Marlene Moore

I absolutely love this page! so glad you said what you used on it, gorgeous blue colour :)

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