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August 03, 2011


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Wow! I love this spread... I still can't get my head round working in so many layers. That must be my impatience and inexperience!
I like best the reds and greens - for me - rose colours - deep green stems and leaves and lush red blooms. They speak to me of passion, which is fitting because you have written "Journals save lives" and I couldn't agree more. xoxoxo

Monica Smith

I would love to really see this journal as it is hard to appreciated layering on-line. Here i am assuming that coding means layering. it is a wonderful spread and inspires me to work on some books mad recently.

joanne thieme huffman

Love the drama of the black and white hand on the beautifully colored spread.


Your page is awesome as usual. Kudos to you for continuing the count down of posting your work.

Rita Ackerman

I fall down in the layer department so I look foward to seeing your work. This is such a rich page. I want to do that.

Barbara Hagerty

Actually Monica, I really mean coding, as in codes, or a secret language. The squiggles and dots at the top are encoded letters and short words, and there are three or four other places in these pages where I've written in code, or used symbols as code.


it definitely works - I think I see a corner transparency from Kelly Kilmer's class! Love that journal love!

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