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July 07, 2011


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Hi Barbara. I am impressed that you are making your own cabinet card frames. I can't wait to see them! I understand not liking to take pictures. I am not a big fan of it myself. I just have a little point & shoot camera. I think I am going to skip getting an SLR camera and get a light field camera (www.lytro.com - very interesting) when they come out (of course, that depends on the price point!)

joanne thieme huffman

hmmm...I haven't done anything with vectors; I will store this info for future use.

Linda Cameron

Your journal pages are so much fun! Reminds me of Kelly Kilmer's journals!


Another inspiring page. Love LOVE Love!!!!!


First your journal page is big time EYE CANDY! Loved it! Second I never heard of Inkscape. I'm downloading a copy and plan to play. I am a software geek and I've only used AI. Thanks for the info.


Hi Barbara! I'm enjoying your journal pages. And thanks for the heads up on Inkscape. I haven't played with vectors yet, so knowing a FREE software that works so well is a great head start.

Mary Teall

I'm a FTB lurker. Haven't started yet cause I bought both classes and Mary Ann told me to start with ROD first so that is what I'm doing. I always do what the teacher says. LOL! Was reading e-mails this evening about the Smash book discussion. Have to tell you the following quote made me smile and I love it, so it is going with my other quotes that will soon be put in a ROD journal.

“Artists create fads. We don't mean to, but when we start doing something awesome, it just occurs naturally.” (Barbara Hagerty)

Thanks for making me smile and have a great weekend!


LOVE this and thanks for the info - I am going to investigate when I get time!! Mary's comment made me laugh, and your quote is so Barbara!! xo

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