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July 31, 2011


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Joanne Thime Huffman

I like the artist schedule of 3, 3, 3. I think it's a great goal. I think I'll include blog visiting in the 3 hours of reading because I love and get inspired by art blogs. Good for you for continuing the journaling because you're really doing nice work. I love the invisible lady.

Traci Bunkers

Barbara-great start on your journal page. I know how you feel--I often feel invisible as well. Did you draw the head & hands on, or are they stencils? I love the boldness of them and "Invisible."

The Sumi-e masters idea of a work day sounds ideal. Yeah, too bad there are other things we have to fit in. I think that schedule would be great for me. Thanks for joining me on my challenge.


CONGRATULATIONS!! You did it and did it very well. I really enjoyed visiting your 30 days and I am hooked! Looking forward to seeing your future projects.

so it takes 40 days to make something a habit... may be I should try cleaning house for 40 days, but even than I don't think it will become a habit. lol



I love the idea of the artist's work day being nine hours long, divided by thirds. One third of the day should be spent reading, another third should be spent seeing, and the final third should be spent painting. That would leave three hours for recreation and meals, 6 days a week with one day off. I think I will try this out and see how it goes. ;-)

Barbara Hagerty

Thanks so much for all your comments! They're really appreciated!!

Traci, I had so much fun with the 30 Days that I'm planning to keep going! Thanks so much for doing this!

The face, hands and lettering are not stencils. I drew them with a 1/.50 tip Rapidograph and india ink. I love this pen, and have never had any of the clogging issues that I've heard other people say they've had. But then I use it almost daily, so it really doesn't have time to clog.


Isn't it funny that of all you wrote, the thing that struck us most was the Sumi-e master's 3,3,3 rule?! I certainly understand that because 3 is a magical number, undeniably powerful...
I hear your 40-day habit thing. I shall try that once we have moved. I'm too restless for now! That is one sweet page - Pink Lady reminds me of apples... and I want a Rapidograph pen when I grow up!! xoxoxo

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