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July 13, 2011


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So many great classes but so little time. Thank you for sharing these pages.


your frame is super Barbara, always fun seeing your endless creativity

Belinda and Hermine and Linda certainly have been a wonderful inspiration over the years and worked so hard to keep WS fresh and going....come to find out there is a lot more to running a challenge blog than meets the eye! I will miss WS VERY much!

All the best to you and yours...hope you're having a lovely summer


Its a gorgeous page and thank you so much for you sweet words Barbara. Hugs Hermine


Fabulous page and frame, you are very talented and creativ as ever!! I'll miss WS also. It was the greatest and the most interesting challenge blog here in germany all over the years.
Hugs Anja


I really enjoyed reading your post about your expereince with Wed Stamper. I am not familiar with it, but it's obvious it had a positive impact on you. And that's a beautiful thing!


I know exactly how you feel! It's the end of an era... and we nearly missed it too. I am thoroughly enjoying your Traci Bunkers art-along this month. I have never read so many posts!!
I must admit that since my fall I haven't been very creative - most of my stuff is upstairs and I can't really face that at the moment - maybe next week, eh?! Meanwhile I shall live artfully and vicariously though your posts! xoxo

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