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July 01, 2011


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I can't believe how much you achieve in a year Barbara! You amaze me, when I consider how tough it must be to find personal time with all that you do for your family! I salute you and maybe next year, I might try some mapping out myself... or even perhaps after we movce later this year. xo
Off to "see" you!! 'o)

joanne thieme huffman

What productive plans!


I certainly agree there is a lot going on online. I think I've overloaded and I will use your idea of just picking a few to participate in. I'm doing Julie's AJED and Traci Bunker's 30 days too. See you around- come visit me sometime :)


Barbara!! Your work is amazing... I gave you a shout out on my blog;-) I plan to follow and learn from you (we are similar art souls) very lovely work can't wait to see more.

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