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June 10, 2011


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What, no yellowing of the carrots? Heehee! I LOVE this page Barbara. It's so refreshing to read about youyr journeys through your journals. Also how honestly you talk about the creation of a page - I like that and learning from you is always a pleasure. I am so happy that we are camping out together, and I shall have to get my "freak on" soon 'cos you lot are leaving me behind!!
Gotta rush off now - catch ya later! xoxoxo


I'm so glad you found my camping ground and put up your tent! You're very inspiring, you know that?!!! I totally LOVE your journal page, and the way you describe how you work is a bit similar to mine... somehow we are 'thoughtful' journalers... Have a happy weekend Barbara!


thank you so much for pointing me this way. I'm also in Kelly's class. I just
wanted to say reading this post has really helped me - gives me permission to build a page without a subject in my head. ( The journaling comes after the images.) This way totally feels like "Art Therapy" to me. thx again, Jan

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