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June 27, 2011


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your journal is very cool! I really like your idea of having the pages different widths- makes it very interesting! Hope you show more as you work on it.

Nancy Lynn

This is a really great book you did. I love it. So loving this class a lot but all of Mary Ann's classes are great.

Lisa M

Barbara, you have such a sweet voice (lisp and all, LOL)! I love happy accidents and yours ended you up with TWO books - how awesome is that?! I ADORE your FTB book; it's so neat and tidy and evenly spaced - makes my OCD heart happy! Love the bright colors, too, and the wide variety of papers inside. Nice job! (You weren't one of the chimps, obviously!)


I love your practice book, Barbara. The cover design is fabulous too!

Terri Kahrs

Lots and lots of eye candy in your journal, Barbara! Love those little pockets and the way you've incorporated pieces of children's books. It's wonderful!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

joanne thieme huffman

beautiful book!


Love your journal! You and I must have the same camera because I have a lisp when I use mine too!


Awesome! Love it! Me want!!!


Hey Barbara! You're book is bind the same way as my journals... I just made me another one (see my blogpost here I love all the whimsical pages, and the '9th signature book' is lovely on it's own!

nelda ream

Great book, Barbara! Love the covers and the repurposed book pages inside. Hope you'll show some pics of the journaling you do in here.


Nice work Barbara. Love the cover and especially that nice yellow color and the variety of pages inside!



Linda Manning Findley

LOVE the binding ..... Linda F

Monica Smith

A practice book! it is wonderful it will be fun to journal in and please publish it when you start to use it

Dena Bliss

I think the video is charming and informative and you sound just fine. The book is gorgeous.

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