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June 19, 2011


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Connie Hammond Saunders

I always enjoy your blog postings. Thanks for sharing. You book is beautiful. I am taking Kelly's class too but have not started yet.

Nancy Lynn

So happy to have found your blog. I think the FTB class is going to be such fun. I am signed up for Kelly's class too but haven't done much with it yet.


You are most awesome!!! Love the book and looking forward to seeing how you alter it in your own most fabulous way!

Donna Parker

Just popped over from FTB to see you and your blog! INCREDIBLE! Your journal pages are obviously YOU YOU YOU. It is such a theraputic 'profession'. Love your practice book. I haven't got going yet, as I'm in Mexico and am awaiting supplies from the States (Mexico Mail ... well let's just say ARRRrrrggghh! So, have fun and we will see you around no doubt. take care, Donna


I didn't understand it all, but a great deal of your post I could read - as you know, I'm Dutch and sometimes struggle with a your language, especially when I'm tired like right now and still want to read it all :)
Anyway - I LOVE what you did with the cover of the book. I too love books and bindings (I use the binding that I learned from LK Ludwig the most) I bought mod podge for the first time a few weeks ago, still haven't figured the stuff out very well. Foam spreader you say? I will remember that and give it another try soon!


Beautiful book... and it's so lovely to read of your joy at engaging in these, your chosen workshops!
Bravo! xoxo


Hello Barbara, lovely to see your FTB video too! Thanks for sharing your juice.

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