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April 04, 2011


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Tammy Vitale

Here's my take on this and why I do pay attention to the market side (not that I don't play - I do, and that leads to saleable work): when I create I'm a conduit for energy. Often, very often, that energy isn't my own. I'm simply a conduit for what someone else is calling - it was the same when I was doing community-based organizing - I created a space for energy to come through. Here's where marketing comes in. The person who called it can't find it unless I take it out to the market and make some noise so they can find me and what they may not have even known they were looking for. I don't know that creating for play and creating for market preclude each other. I think they are part of the same continuum.

This: *The psychology is really very simple. What an artist creates is always a self portrait in some way or other. What other's see in it, is also a self-portrait, but not of the artist. What others see in any work of art, is a portrait of themselves, as reflected in their reactions to the observed artwork* is awesome, and probably one of the best descriptions of my beliefs about art I've ever seen!


I agree with you Tammy to a certain extent, but I am also of the opinion that I personally, am no longer acapable of creating for a specific market. Barbara has one of my adorable Arty-Farty Birdie Bags, for example. When I made the first one and showed it on my blog, I received emails asking how much and can I make one for x, y and z... At one point, I had 5 on the go and I am not a factory, so the bubble burst, and I lost all the enjoyment of the original creation. So although I was creating these highly original, very artful bags, the process didn't feed my soul like the concept did! (OMG - I am self-helping here!)... I have discovered that I like to follow my Muse and that I can take my art - in whatever form it takes - to a sale and not feel too bad if people don't "get it". Some will buy, some won't... I now know that I am an artist and I can say that with pride, whether I sell or not!
Methinks I did digress a bit - sorry Barbara. xoxo

Barbara Hagerty

First of all, I want to tell you both that I'm head over heals in love with long comments! Write me tomes! I think it's wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourselves with this post! Now here's where I am with this:

I stand by what I wrote in the post, but I don't think it's really so different from what you do, Tammy, and here's why: Tammy, you're not making a conscious effort to please the market place just to line your pocketbook by making art to please the masses. Your soul is tuned in to a high enough frequency in the Universe, that you channel the energy, and automatically make what will benefit others, what they need and what they want, in your own, unique creations, without consciously trying to adjust yourself to fit someone else's style. It's what you do from your soul. I don't mean for this to sound so "new-agey", because I think that being "tuned-in" on a deep level is not something that the new age movement or any "discipline" owns the copyright to.

I think that some people are just more in tune with the general flow, and Tammy is one. Even if Tammy makes a concerted effort to be "in tune", whatever her muse comes up with will be from her soul, thus she sells her art, not her soul. Am I correct? Please let me if I'm making a mistake here. It's way different from doing market research, looking at statistics, then making manufacturing and placement decisions, which is the soul-less art that I was referring to in my post.

Where I differ from Tammy, is that I don't channel information from the flow of the marketplace outside my own artistic soul. My artwork is very personal for a reason and a choice, and I think I may even make the decision, unconsciously, to block that flow from outside, because I'm so very curious about what's going on in the universe inside of me, and I'm even more curious to view and hear the response to my work from the few people I know who will tell me honestly what they see. It's the dialogue I'm after. The me, the piece of art, and the responses of the others. Then, after all is said and done, if the marketplace is interested, there are some things I'll let go of for a price. Sometimes I'll even make some things for a price. But the real soul work happens when it's just me and the paper, or canvas, or wood, etc. For me, artwork feeds my intense curiosity. And I know that it does for others, too, but for me, it's all caps INTENSE, and almost exclusionary.

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