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January 24, 2011


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Julie @BalzerDesigns

Love this post! So many good thoughts! I'm trying really hard to learn to work in stages! (And thanks for the shout out!)


I think it's what people least undertsand when you make the move from cardmaker/papercrafter to mixed media and altered art. I love your explanatory post and the finished page is simply wonderful! (It should have been an examplar in the Strathmore newsletter!)
Like you, I work in many stages and layers. Even the small character sketches I do lately have the basic s and then much reworking and shading of eyes and hair, etc.
But, to produce a page like this - wow! The thing that always blows me away with your art is the writing. You manage your spaces so beautifully that the page achieves total balance and is n't dominated by the face. Does that make sense?!


Very well put; I think we all have a fear of overworking and "messing it up" - I know I have a few pages and paintings just like that myself. One thing I have taken to doing is scanning the work, and then messing around in Photoshop with the piece to see what it might look like with more paint, or another collage piece. It may not be entirely in the true spirit of collage to do this, but it does reduce the anxiety on changing particularly "precious" pieces. For art journals though, truly they are work that is just for us, so truly, impossible to actually mess up!


I love this post! It really gave me something to think about. I do my work over lots of time, and one thing this Strathmore workshop has taught me is how much more I have the freedom to do to the piece. I am relatively new to this and have absolutely no training, but I have been so amazed at how much you can improve the work by the steps. Before, it just would not have occurred to me to add the shading first and then go over it with something else! Ahhhhh....this is really a lot of fun. And I think you just expressed so well that taking time is really important, and helped me to realize that it is ok if it looks terribly part way through. Thanks for sharing!


Oh, and your final piece is wonderful! : )

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