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January 04, 2011


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all i can say is, "YES!" and "great page!"

i must get back to blogging...in school there was no time...


Barbara, I really love this! It's so simple, so full of funk and so true! I feel like that about hot showers - I don't do baths!! I love the blue figure!
I am having a blast with all the Art Journalling and I have no idea what's changed for me! Isn't that weird? I have also discovered a new approach to Goal-setting (a sneaky, less threatening version!!) and a lifestyle/plan called Fast 5 (via another blogger's art blog...).
I am probably experiencing some kind of Synchronicity from The Universe! How cool is that?!
Hugs from your mad mate, Rosie!

Liz Walker

love this page ... a luxury that I haven't indulged in for far too long!

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