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January 05, 2011


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Didi R

What a great song quote and one I really need to hear most days.


Sometimes things with cracks are more interesting!!! Love your philosophy! Hugs, Terri xoxo


I love your journal pages, and I agree with the sentiment from the song, as well... I have a copy of these lines stuck above my computer monitor as I'm typing, but I never realized it was from a song-- thank you for posting this, Barbara!

joanne thieme huffman

great journal spread and perfect lyrics to art by.

Angela Churchill

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I loved looking at your journal pages. :)


The post is perfect even though you were not seeking perfection. Thank you for giving it life. I found you via the Strathmore workshop. and YAY! for Leonard!


Great post! Love the journal page and the Cohen reference.
Sooziii (Strathmore Journal workshop)

Autumn Clark

Amazing journal pages, Barbara! Best of luck with you and your blogging conflicts. I know I have them too, so let's keep each other motivated.


I think we're soul twins. :) This is further proven by the fact that Anthem is my favourite song. My most treasured possession is a note my father made Leonard write me when they ran into one another in Portuguese Park in Montreal. They are old acquaintances, so Leonard graciously scribbled something on a piece of note paper. Then, my father washed it in the pocket of his jeans, so the next time he saw Leonard, Leonard wrote the note again.

Most. Gorgeous. Gift. Ever.

Anyway...I adore you. I thought you should know. :)

Barbara Rossman

GADS Barbara, it is sensational....

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