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January 21, 2011


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Love your owl, Barbara. I have noticed that there are suddenly tons of free offerings for us all over the net! Isn't it wonderful?

Barbara Hagerty

It is wonderful, Zura! I'm soaking it all in! XOXO

Rosemary Rowe

Brilliant poem! I really love how you painted this owl Barbara and what big chaps they are!! So funny that he has such a round head!!
There do seem to be a lot of free places to learn and experiment don't there? So much so that I shall give the OWOH bandwagon a miss this year! It's such a mad crazy thing...

Tee Thompson

Your owl is fabulous! I love it. Thanks so my for playing along with my prompts!


I love the whimsical owl, and the poem is the perfect accompaniment!

Autumn Clark

Now you know I love this!!! ;0

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