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May 11, 2010


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great information, barbara! i'm bookmarking this post as a reference. love crayons of all ilk!


Barbara, this is so awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing all this info - I had no idea the Neocolor II's have oil in them as well, or about NeoArt crayons. And yes, Crayola's, ftw (for the win)!


Barbara, now I know why it's difficult to write over the Neocolor II's - it's the oil!!! Revelation!!!! I'm going to have to track down the NeoArt crayons. Thank you, thank you for this great post! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Barbara Hagerty

Terri, thanks for stopping by!! I'm really in love with the NeoArt sticks but until you mentioned it, I had always used them as a top layer and had not even tried writing or drawing over them because I assumed the wax would make that hard-to-impossible. But I just tried it, and it works! I colored three sections of a piece of paper with a NeoArt stick. I used a wet paintbrush on the first section, blended it thoroughly with water and let it dry; I took a rag to the second section and blended it by rubbing it in, and I left the third section alone. Then I tried a regular cheap Papermate felt tip pen (which will not write on top of acrylic), and wrote over all three sections. Perfect! Then I did the same thing with a Pilot gel pen. Yes! Then I used a cheap RoseArt metallic gel pen. It worked perfectly well on the first section, OK on the second section, and eventually worked on the third section, but I had to go over a lot of the spots twice. My guess is that the wax needs to be dispersed if you want to write on top of it with some of the gel pens, but the good news is, that if you put the NeoArt on top of acrylic and blend it with water or rub it in, you'll be able to write on top of it with more options that you would have writing over acrylic alone. See what your comment generated? Now I'm really experimenting with this!

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