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April 08, 2010


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very nice piece, margaret. and thanks for putting out the word...in arkansas we called them "skeeter eaters."


now why did i type margaret?! it's barbara. and i know it's barbara...brain cramp at the keyboard. *forehead smacking*

Barbara Hagerty

You need to be kinder to your forehead, Sharon! If Margaret is the worst thing I'm called, then I'm in pretty good shape! LOL!


Truly amazing, Barbara. You do gorgeous work! Also thanks for the 411-I had NO idea.


Crane Flies is a much more official name than what we always call these "mosquito catchers"
Your drawing is fantastic!
Hoping your daughter is doing much much better by now!
Happy Friday
Happy Spring
Happy Happy Everything!


Thanks for telling about the crane fly. I don't think I ever saw it around here though -- fortunately, mosquitoes aren't a problem here either.

Your sketch is awesome! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog together -- I am so glad that you liked my post about my weekend in Paris. It took me quite some time to put together the photos and write the long post. It's worthwhile though when I get such lovely feedback as yours. :)

I see that I haven't made it on the list of blogs who artiphy your heart. Maybe one fine day... ;)

Happy creating,


I normally get DH to put them outside again, because the cat likes to chase, catch and chew them! I had no idea that's what they are for - thanks for enlightening me!
I really love your skill at drawing... and I really should spend more time practising. It's easy to get hung up on people watching me though.
I think the aplliqued fabric squares are simply stunning... maybe that's why I am obsessed with fabric and stitching again? The need to "feel" textures for their soothing quality.

PS I love when you visit - it always makes me think!! 'o)

Victoria Robison

Love the bugs! I enjoy drawing bugs in fact I put a beetle on the first page of my remains of the day journal. I like drawing them but hate seeing them crawling my way.

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