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March 30, 2010


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Embiggen! I find that so funny :)

I love the dictionary... I need to sift through it more often. I was at one point reading the dictionary on a regular basis, in order, and putting words I especially liked on index cards along with their meanings so I could remember them. I think I may start doing this again.

Happy Birthday to Yia-yia. I left her a bit of a message on my blog as well. :D


oh, my, what a wonderful word! "embiggen," i like the way it feels in my mouth. and great papers! "cost plus"...is that the same as world market? we have a world market in flagstaff, and i am a paper slut - with oed envy. great post!


Happy Birthday to your Wonderful Mother who raised a Wonderful Daughter and Granddaughter. :)

Your Mother was a true genius! What a fabulously RICH treasure of a gift!

I haven't been in Cost Plus in a month or two. I'm going to blame YOU if I come home with a big bag of goodies. :) LOL ;) (thanks)


"Embiggen" . . . what a great word! I think you should submit it too! I'm so bummed about the paper . . . we don't have a Cost Plus store in the area. I'll have to live vicariously! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Nancy B

Lucky you to live where you can get these beautiful papers! I enjoyed looking at your wonderful blog.

Barbara Rossman

Wow the paper is wonderful, lucky you. I love your blog so many wonderful things to see......


I come from a whole family of word geeks. We even write words down so we can remember them to tell each other. This is such a delicious post: a feast for the eyes and ears!


How I wish I had a Cost Plus close to me right now. That paper is beautiful. Love the page on the bottom your creating.


embiggen is one i heard after i told someone that when i am reducing the size of windows on the computer, i click the reduce-size button and the voice in my brain says, "smallen". the two go together so well in my head, i love it!

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