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October 05, 2009


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Whoa! So much to read! You are such an intersting blogger and every time I come to visit I learn something new about you... what a revelation! The books sound fab - but then this cut out page is extraordinary. I like everything about it - Row C rocks, my friend!
I am knackered (english slang for extremely tired!) - been finishing Zombie cutlery for the gallery and soldered pendants too! I have never been so busy, but I wouldn't change my current state of mind for anything! xoxoxo


HIGH FIVE From L.A.!!!!


I love how you solve your art problems and work things out...sooo cool. So good to see you and Amy! LOVE seeing your pages!!! I hope Amy posts hers too!


I've been catching up on your last three posts and enjoyed readig them so much. I saw Row C on Flickr and was fascinated by it, so reading about its origin answered a lot of questions for me. I'm so envious of your wonderful weekend with Kelly Kilmer. About art journals: I often use my pages for cards or framed for gifts, so I only paint one side of a page, like you decided to do. Lately I've been using spiral top bound watercolor pads for my journals because the pages are so sturdy and stand up to lots of layers of paint.

Your blog is a visual feast, but your writing also allows me to vicariously share your adventures and satisfies my nosy nature! Thank you for sharing both your amazing talents!

Nancy Maxwell James

this is a fantastic collage...I especially love what you did with the face...striking! :)

Heather Robinson

My mouth is "agape", Barbara. Talk about creatively charged. This piece is strong and powerfully and masterfully assembled. It's a pleasure to have an opportunity to see it.


Barbara, I love how art transforms you and how you transform art. Your dynamic discoveries are empowering and inspiring.

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