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October 01, 2009


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I would call the art more Barbara then anything else ;) LOVE IT!


OMG this is very impressive.
So fantastic work and design. Love them.

Kelly B





Your Zetti is great, Barbara!


Brilliant zettiish piece, and when you find out what defines Zetti, if anything, let me know :) Loved reading your post and For me the suffering part happens prior to creating, cause I can't create when If I don't have a good feeling inside :) Writing is different. I've written quite a lot of poems not feeling on top of the world :) And who has the right to defines art really? My guess is everybody :) Some definitions we agree with and some we don't, it can be true to the believer all the same :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the prosess!!

Keep creating!!



Barbara, I've been following your blog for sometime now and always find something to inspire ma and make me think. Thank you for stopping by my blog x

Eila A.

Barbara, your zetti piece is very interesting - and very challenging for the viewer: there are so many clues for interpreting it. I admire your intellectual approach to artmaking - which resulted to making a beautiful zetti piece!


greyt piece of art
luv it
joan in italy


This is a really nifty piece! I have no idea what a Zetti is, but I think I like it!

Lynn Fox

What an absolutely creative piece...I agree with Lumilyon, your art makes one think! Very well done! LynnF


I love your thoughts on art, Barbara, and I love this piece. The diagonal lines are a perfect touch, and I love the hues of blue. As for zetti, so far as I know it started with Teesha and Tracy, and has mushroomed to include whimsical artistic expressions that include black and white somewhere (usually), and disparate parts and pieces....sort of. Ahhhh, defining zetti is like trying to nail Jello to the wall!! Thanks for playing along, and for sharing your thoughts.


This is incredible, Barbara! I love everything about it.


Very unusual, love it!




I like the blue hues, and the diagonal lines set off your zetti piece nicely. Good work! As for zetti - Teesha and Tracy had no idea what they were starting. It's grown like topsy and has come to mean many things to many people, all of whom have great fun with their own individual versions of zetti. I enjoyed your thoughts AND your art. I'm glad you joined our challenge, Barbara!

~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

so creative and multi layered Barbara!!!
very thought provoking post as well :)


Superb artwork, stunning Zetti style, creative, clever and scrumptious! Barbara, your picture is wonderful and so too are your thoughts which are so interesting and inspiring. Thankyou so much for taking the time to share them with your Blogfriends!

gaby braun


You wrote exactly what I feel when I made a work of art. There is a time before the work itself, like an obsession. My family could not understand this, when I'm sit down and think. Because of that I can not produce a large scale of works like many people do, challenge after challenge, I must "suffer" before I do something. Do you understand what I mean. Love your text!

Judy NZ

Outstanding piece of art, Barbara!

Nancy Maxwell James

this is such a fabulous piece! wonderful composition and beautiful art! :)

Gabrielle Fabian

Absolutely stunning piece Barbara and spot-on post to go with. I'm with you on the conceptual art particularly...thanks for sharing about the process and motiviation, sometimes I feel lonely about some of these things!!

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