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October 12, 2009


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This is great fun! I like your gunslinger's wings. Nice juxtaposition of images.




I love these posts Barbara! I feel educated and my eyes are happier for visiting. It's brilliant that when you create these pieces, you are almost doing the bidding of your alter ego, or Higher Self... Fantastic mixture of imagery, colour and elements. If I had seen this elsewhere, I would have been certain you'd had a hand in it! x0x0x0


Oh what a fun piece, wonderful image of the cowgirl with wings, wonderful sense of humor in this art piece.




This looks absolutely awesome

Pam Carriker

Very fun piece, love all the elements you combined so wonderfully!


Your collage is scrumptious and your written piece on Beatrice Wood is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this remarkable woman. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with your blog friends.


What beautiful art work, its so intricate and lovely to explore and also you have interesting posts too my friend. Thanks for your kind comment on my other blog arty retreat yesterday. I was thrilled.
Hugs June x


nice collage thanks for talking about Dada ..I remember that Marcel Duchamp Urinal!! from my art days..off to look for that link now and thanks for your comments on my blog


Wonderful piece, I love how everything is laid out.



Kristin Van Valkenburgh

Thank you for your kind comments about my "rebel ballerina" for MMM - I am so behind this week that I may not have found you otherwise. How LUCKY am I to have done so?! Your blog is so very wonderful and I too really appreciate the experience and education that you bring to your audience. I am truly wowed by it all! Thank you! Kristin :)

Kristin Van Valkenburgh

Forgive me if you get this twice, but I had trouble leaving a comment, and I really want to Thank You for your kind words about my "Rebel Ballerina" for MMM - I am so grateful for finding your blog in this way - it is so informative and inspiring! Your work is wonderful and I feel like I have really learned from your posts - I love it! Kristin :)


What a fun piece, Barbara! Diane

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