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October 24, 2009


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Ooooohhhhh, loving the colours Barbara - especially the yellowy-green which makes things pop! The page is awesome and I really love that barbed wire stamp(?). Excellent art!
Culture vs development is so tricky, isn't it? And all the 'true' values become eroded over time. It's no wonder we have problems with our youngsters, when they just can't relate to how things 'should be'... xoxoxo

Barbara Hagerty

Thanks Rosie! The barbed wire is just a doodle. Much easier than getting out stamps and ink.


Love this!! it's different and cool, and I like your colourcombo. Your composition is super!!! loved to read your story too!!


Autumn Clark

Wonderful page, Barbara! Love your inscriptions too...
~ Autumn Clark


Ooh, those colours are stunning - and it's collaged beautifully :)

Heather Robinson

I loved your post. It gave me a sense of a part of the U.S. that I don't know much about. What a fantastic interpretation of the theme.

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