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September 28, 2009


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Waving hi!!!


I love this room! I think it may be my favorite in the house.

Linda Jacobs

Fantastic! I like how everything has its place. Makes me want to curl up on that couch and work on my visual journal. Also, it makes me want to transform our dining room, which we use only maybe twice a year to eat in, into my own "studio." Hmmmm....


What a great studio and a wonderful tour, thank you! I'm glad I found your blog too; I'll be back to visit your other posts after this tour weekend!

Cre8Tiva/Rebecca E. Parsons

i so loved the tour of your creative space...please come see mine when you have a chance...i am having a giveaway....love the big mac too..hugs, rebecca


Just lovely -- and how great to work together in the same space, mother and daughter! I am thoroughly enjoying my participation in the Open Studio Tour today. Stop by my blog and we'll have a virtual cup of tea!

Lori Paximadis

It looks like a wonderful, comfortable space -- love the sofa! thanks for sharing.

Terri Stegmiller

Your space looks very inviting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


the paper rack was a real score -- perfect for your work supplies :-) That comfy couch looks like a great spot to have in a studio too. Thanks for sharing.


I'm in awe how clean it is! How wonderful to have a couch in the room for when you want/need a break. The 2-tiered circular hanging device for supplies looks very handy! Thanks so much for sharing your space with us.


Sooo clean, so neat. I'm pretty sure that mine has never been that organized, but I keep the dream alive. Your door prise from my studio will be in the mail on Monday. :)

Mary Anne

A leather couch?....ahhhh....pure bliss! Thanks so much for showing us where you create.
Mary Anne


I like your space! I'm quite jealous of your paper rack... that would be such a handy thing to have!

Lemon Tree Tami

That couch looks perfect for relaxing on while doing some hand work. The yellow is so mellow and warm. Beautiful studio! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my space earlier. Cheers!


Your space looks so relaxing...and organized. I love the paper rack...been thinking about getting one, but can't figure out where to put it in my studio. Thanks for sharing.


HI! Thanks for your Studio Tour! A really comfi cozy creative place! And sharing it with your daughter is even better...having some fun together, maybe I will have that as well when my 2 year old and 3month old girls will be older....enjoy spending time in your Studio, smiles, Anke ;)


Enjoyed your tour! It seems like a very peaceful place to create!

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