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September 04, 2009


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RM Smith

This is a really interesting combination of partitioned colors, textures and shapes. Nice!


Yes! I leave things overnight too. In the morning, anything that is "wrong" just jumps ot and grabs you.I don't know about Typepad but I'm always aware that however much I fret about colour and contrast in my images, they are going to look different on every single computer, especially on PCs where things generally look darker sometimes, as I recently discovered to my horror, greyer.


Barbara, I think this is so mellow! I love the hues and doodles too... I have nothing profound to say, I'm afraid! I just love the border and the way you've divided it all up! Have a great weekend and chillax! xoxoxo


nice collage effect

Valerie Lorimer

This is a really interesting piece with all the textures and images. I really like it!

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