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September 25, 2009


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What a fun and wonderful piece!! love all the sweet details and fresh colours!! Well done!!!



I just commented on this lovely lovely piece in Flickr, and I still love it! I enjoyed reading about how it all evolved. Glad that I found your blog:D Hope you have a great weekend!

Peggy Gatto

All I know is I really love this charming piece!!!


Nice interesting collage and I liked your story that went with it, too. Take care. Sincerely, Connie PS Thanks for visiting my blog, too.


Well, I love the analysis and the analogy!! Keep the faith - as you say, it'll come right in the end.
What a gorgeous piece of art... I love your attention to detail and your dots inspired me to use them on my own page a couple of days ago! Love what you do... xoxoxo


Don't you just LOVE it when a page tells you waht it needs? And this page (or your subconcious) certainly knew best because it is a delight. And your analysis is just fascinating. I'm going to start trying to figure out what my compositions mean. It may surprise you, but that I haven't ever really done that. To me it's always been about the visual effect and how a piece makes me feel. I mean, I realize that recently I've been in a spiritual phase, but that's as deep as my analysis goes. I'm going to try really looking at the elements to understand what they represent, Veeerrrry interesting, Barbera....


Beautiful work!

patti pfaendtner

I love when all of the elements just seem to come together as though they were meant to be and I'm just the conduit. Nicely done :)


oh my, I do love it!!! Such a fab title too..love all the fish

Crafty green poet

I've enjoyed browsing your recent posts, I really like the style of your artworks


life is no longer a bowl of cherries... but a bowl of babies. ;-)

Gayle Page-Robak

This is beautiful, Barbara....so much wonderful detail! Excellent artwork! There is a post on my blog with your name on it...please stop by. Hugs, Gayle.

Heather Robinson

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posting after seeing this marvelous piece. It not only described in detail your artful journey but also the undercurrent of thought. What a pleasure that you shared it all with us.


You artwork and depth of thought always makes me smile!

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