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September 22, 2009


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I love your pages, as always


What a brilliant page!! love how you've put all the fun elements together!!



beautiful page Barbara!!


Great page Barbara... phew! I feel like I've just taken the most wonderful "art shower" and all those memories have washed over me. Absolutely lovely to hear all about your childhood memories. My own bicycle was a workhorse that took me the 3 miles each way to school in the summers! You are so skilled at cutting out detailed images and I love the little boy in colour! Nice touch!! xoxoxo


This is so beautiful Barbara! All the different elements and images combine so wonderfully.


I love going on bike rides with my sons on a Sunday moring great fresh air and the woods is only 10 mins away...it is getting cool here now..we dont really have hot days in the UK. Like your painting and thanks for your great comment on my blog today

Diana Evans

this is so much fun!! the colours are just perfect!!!


I love this piece of art. There is so much to look at and see. I like that it is so 'quirky'. I love the children and how one has a face in colour and all the dots and spots and the colours. Its wonderful and it makes me smile :)


Bicycle Tool Kits

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