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August 03, 2009


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Gayle Page-Robak

Beautifully created, Barbara. Terrific layout!


Beautifully done!


LOL I love the hair nation channel on xm sirius.

Love your art...


This is so romantic.
Amazing card.


My experience in such things screams DON'T DO IT but I have to admit they are a very handsome and romantic couple. Beautiful card, wonderful artwork.


Great use of the "Whites" Barbara! Tres elegant!

How shocking that they won't even answer the answer - cowards! Take them to the courts - it's completely outrageous to treat customers that way.

Start an action group on Facebook if you think you cannot be the only one this has happened to!


Wonderful postcard and colours, Barbara!


beautiful card..summer wedding season I reckon..thanks for the basic grey link..I love basic grey so will check it out..good luck with the adobe idiots..what happened to old fashioned speaking to the manager service rather than call centres from hell manned by people who are paid a pittance while Adobe make millions!!

Dorthe Hansen

This is great, beautifull coupple.


Maybe he played bingo and won his bride, your bingo postcard is very beautiful, love the roses.


Love your take on the wedding theme!
I hope you get your photoshop issues
taken care of soon.

Terri@Pringle Hill

Beautifully done and such a clever idea! Can't believe the PS nightmare you've been living. If a local TV station has a consumer "help" reporter, notify them. They love this stuff. Also, Google Adobe's parent company and see if you can find a VP of customer service and make a few phone calls. Best of luck. xoxo


Fabulous postcard!


This is delightful.
Fantastic collage. I love it.


Hello Barbara, its been a while since our paths met. I started a new job one year ago today & for the first 6 months i had to study very hard as I was fortunate enough to be employed despite not being able to do the job! Now I am finding time to create again. The longer hours took some adjusting too!

I love your piece. So many elements to look at.

Gabrielle Fabian

Beautiful card Barbara, the blue/brown color combo is one of my faves!! Sorry to hear of your (ongoing) Adobe hassles... so frustrating I'm sure.


Yikes, Barbara!!! Your ongoing saga with the unresponsive Adobe people is discouraging and scary. I hope it is all settled by the end of today.

That said, your bingo piece above is positively beautiful and romantic. Love it.

Glenda T.

Wow, I really enjoyed touring your blog!! Love your fun sense of whimsy and your creations!!!




I'm in "love" with your wonderful Sunday Postcard ART - Bingo can't get more fun than this! Diann


What a fun piece!!!


What a great bingo prize! What fun! Diane

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