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August 29, 2009


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Barbara - what a super painting! Love the little boy and the way you've drawn his stance - completely charming! =)
Congrats on your win. Thanks for the tip about Craftside - off to peep!! xoxoxo


what an adorable illo. like it a lot..see my new etsy shop...eeeek

Kimberly Davion

I love his cheeks! So cute! Makes me want to pinch them... ah yes, I'll admit.. I'm an avid cheek pincher.. I feel for my possible future generations of neices and nephews.. LOL

And thank you for your compliments! your such a peach! wait.. I mean a pear! ;oD

Barbara Hagerty

And congratulations to you! Selling three pieces of artwork the first day your shop is open is an amazing thing!!! Hooray for you!!!

Cynthia DiBlasi

Love your blog and that magical little pear! Thank you for sharing all those little things that make you feel inspired. Chopin's Waltz in C Sharp. . . Sketchbook conceptual drawings. . . Craftside, thanks! I'll be sure to check it out. And thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. :)


Nice artwork. Very cute, too. Thanks for visiting my blog, too. Liked your comment. Sincerely, Connie


oh that is beautiful!!


simply beautiful! :)


simply beautiful! :)


love it! especially those little stars!


I love it ! It's a beautiful Artwork !

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