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August 10, 2009


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wonderful card, great colors!! and i esp. love your remarks... VERRRRY interesting! i remember at school we made batik t-shirts, their look was like made with spin&slash...
and you are right, nostalgia easily glorifies... (and woodstock was a totally rainy affair;))


Wow this is absolutely fabulous.
The Flower power style is great.


I remember the spin-and-splash thingy from my childhood :) Used to love it. Your piece is great, love it!


It's a lovely piece, Barbara! Diane

Terri@Pringle Hill

I remember that art spinner AND the word, "heavy"! Great post with a ton of memories attached. Hope you had a very relaxing evening! Hugs, Terri


a lovely piece of art and a wonderful post!


This is great! I remember the spin and splash thing, I'm sure I did it at least once at our annual fair. Thanks for the trivia. Cheers!

Nancy Maxwell James

love the beautiful greens and that stamped image! gorgeous piece Barbara!


Wow - this is very impressive.
Stunning work.


Love the spin and splash background and the colors you choose. Fabulous artwork.


great art and like the spin and splash tale..I remember in the 1970s when visiting a summer fair doing a spin and splash on an old record player that had been set up..I treasured that pic for years..thanks for visiting my blog today


Wonderful ATC, and love the history of the spin art....another favorite of mine was the spirograph! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words. Hope you had a wonderful evening and got the rest you were looking for!


I love this! The coliurs and imagery are glorious! Thatsaid, I'd never heard of spin n splash till I saw some of Hermine's artwork and asked her about it!! Thanks for enlightening me! xoxo

Oh and the nails are a blessing and a curse - they're really tough, but brittle too. They snap when you least expect it!!


Creative and unique piece of art.Love the letters and all the doodling.
Hugs Anja


This is great Barbara! What a blast from the past that Spin and Splash is!
Do you always do the TMTA challenge each week? I try to each week and always looks forward to ATC Mondays.


Barbara- I just love this peace, very groovy! Thanks for sharing! Christen

Lynn Stevens

I remember the spin and splash, but mine never came out this good!!!


Thanks for the nostalgia and for your beautiful blue and green picture which is so thoughtful and skilfully crafted.


Hi love your s&s card and also the info !

Anne (cornucopia)

This is fantastic!

el papou

J'aime beaucoup votre MonaLisa!
je peu la présenter sur mon blog?
(blog amateur)
merci d'avance

I love your MonaLisa!
I just present it on my blog?
(blog amateur)
thank you in advance

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