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July 15, 2009


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Do you think all the sheep are in line tonight to see Harry Potter? lol This is such a creative and unique entry, Barbara. Thanks for bringing your talent to our challenge. I'm adding you to the blog roll right now.

~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

Wonderful....Wonderful....and Wonderful!!!

Lori Saul

This is a fascinating post ! Wonderful collage for both challenges and I love reading your words and thoughts behind the work!


I have to say that seeing your interesting, spot-on article and enjoyable,clever work, and the dyslexic-influenced one just under it sufficiently intrigued me enough to check out your musings on your other blog- and though I just scanned, will be coming back to read more fully-...as some of your thoughts seemed to concretise ( is this a word )? my own...
2 questions, though...do you live in an exceedingly warm clime; and what say you to Regards,
Chris aka WildGoose


Wow this is fabulous.
Brilliant work.


Its gorgeous.


What a fascinating and original take on the theme Barbara. I sincerely hope we do see you again. Thanks for joining in.

Marie aka Ozstuff

We are so pleased to see you at The Three Muses, Barbara. I love your fabulous story about the sheep lining up to see a rock concert!! I see a metaphor there. The illustration is stunning - great artwork. Most of all I love the way your mind works, or should I say I am not sure HOW it works. I am just glad that it does and that you share it with your blog friends. Hope to see you back next week!


This is marvellous! I so enjoy following your blog x


Great post today, Barbara! I just love sheep AND this new journal page. The midnight blue and gold are very beautiful. Is there anyting better than the underside of a pillow? Stay cool!

Tant C


Have a nice weekend!


This is wonderful! What a great idea. Hope the weather cools down.

Lady P

i think i will try to sleep with visions of ice bergs this nite and not of sheep at the haunted house




I wish I could send you our wet summer days to help you cool down!

Love your pages; you always have something interesting to say! Hope you manage to cool down a bit, although secretly, it sounds wonderful to be so hot! xoxoxo


enjoyed my visit today; wishing I could stick to a journal like this! and i love green guy below!

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