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June 16, 2009


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Barbara, Your God Bless America piece is gorgeous. And I did so enjoy reading your post about what an artist really is. Great writing.

Gabrielle Fabian

Hi Barbara, Boy have I missed you :) So sorry to read of your techie travails......... YUCK.
This piece ~ and this post ~ is so riveting and reaffirming of why I love visiting here! The piece is wonderful, I clicked to enlarge and soaked it all up. Your statement regarding control of expression is spot on. I am a secondary Science teacher and the current thought from educrats is to dictate WHAT to teach (fine) and WHEN and HOW to teach it (not fine). If all students were the same this would work, but thank goodness they aren't.....
Thank goodness for the ART we are FREE to CREATE.


What to say first......
Lovely piece, as always. Lovely heartfelt post. I especially can appreciate these statements:
"Whether a concept is entirely original or copied, as long as it's the artist who says "yes" or "no", the resulting piece is an emulation from within. Works that result entirely from dictation lack the heart and soul of the creator."
Altogether thought provoking.
And finally: I think we could all use one of those jackets with feathered shoulders, yes?


Hey, I'm with Lisa... I want a feathered jacket too (and a pink wig!), but that's beside the point. Love what you write - you always get right to the heart of the point and I have sorely missed that.
Love your piece, all the nuances are excellent, though I can only guess at the depths behind them. Your quilted MacBook Cover is absolutely amazing and should be the cover of the next Quilting Arts magazine - just don't let them have it!
Thanks for sharing the video - it's now part of my Facebook - haha!! Isn't that a superb way to keep in touch? I like it even better than Twitter (which is seriously over-crowded with Internet Marketeers and wannabes...) (IMHO)!!


Great work, love the composition and colours.

Cora Harkins

The piece is beautiful! I'm thankful as well to be born in the USA. With all our faults I love the freedom we have as US citizens. When I travel to other countries I realize just how much freedom we have. Little things like freedom of speech, right to bear arms and voting we take for granted. There are many more. Though I do not exercise all those freedoms. It is nice to know I can. Happy 4th!!

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