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June 26, 2009


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Wow Barbara this is amazing.
Really gorgeous design.

Thanks Barbara for your inspiring work to TGiF.


oh this story did make me laugh, how ridiculous can you get?? what better way to dry your sheets then by sun and wind. They need their heads examined.

thats a fun drawing you did


Barbara, your work is beautiful. I agree that clean sheets dried on the line smell wonderful and feel wonderful. Our homeowners assn. also has that no-no. However, I discovered a small section just behind my bedroom that I could hang stuff and no one from any angle could see. (Our lots are minimum of 2.2 acres). However, the birds in the nearby trees dropped bird mites into the clothes. This creates quite a horrible degree of itching till they all die out, hopefully within 2 weeks. So there are disadvantages to air-drying. This has happened to me recently and also 45 years ago in another city.


Both look great!


I loveeeee your pages. They are so amazing. Thank you for the shout out!
Booooo the the home owner's association and yayyyyyyy to line dried sheets. ;)

Anne (cornucopia)

This looks wonderful!


Beautiful work!


I shall not take my clothesline for granted. I get to freely enjoy my sun-kissed laundry.

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