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May 06, 2009


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The depiction of your situation is spot-on! I'm just sorry that that is your situation.


That is an amazing depiction and I love the symbols you used just like a Renaissance painting. I really am sorry that you never regained your energy completely but right now while I am recovering, I can completely relate.

Angie Hall Haviland

How interesting....and I totally understand what you are talking about with the energy. Thought for a second I was reading my own feelings. lol When I was in 5th grade I was sooo sick.....was told I had mono....but after 6 weeks they found out I didn't have mono I have pneumonia in both lungs. Missed a month of school. I lost from 126 to 89 pounds. I spent the rest of my childhood fighting to get back to 100 pounds.....finally 20+ years and 3 kids later I weigh 120....but never have the energy...even with the bottles of liquid gerital I've had ROFL. Put those feet up and know I understand

Gale Heritage

I just enjoyed your blog so much! The world is full of people that really don't feel well but nobody knows but them. I admire that so!
I think of all the whiners and gripers and "look at me I have it so bad" people that move through this world and here I raise my glass to all of you that keep on going and making others happy while hurting yourselves.


I'd never have guessed - you kept that well-hidden ma'am! Love your art... all your pages are so vibrant. Perhaps, had you more energy, less would be evident in your art, or diluted elsewhere??? Just a thought , my friend! ;o)

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