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May 16, 2009


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That was such fun to read about! Susan is going to be so happy with that beautiful quilt!


Its gorgeous, love the colours and all the different elements. Never knew broken glass would bring good luck :o)


Wow! This is stunning! I kept studying the picture, soaking in all the details. Learned something about broken glass, too.


Love that quilt piece. Love the French hanger too!


I LOVE it!! I'm going to go directly to the kitchen to toss all my glasses in the sink! Good Times are coming my way! I'm inspired to make a broken set of glasses piece now. =P

Lisa Mallette

Gorgeous! Awesome colors and love that it's ever so "shabby chic!"


This is lovely! I'm envious of all the artists who use fabrics in their art pieces...it adds so much texture!


How was the show? Wonderful, I hope! Love your little hanging - it's beautiful with all those hues of blues!
And I miss you... sending hugs! xoxoxo


Wow, that piece is stunning! For some reason it really touched me and I don't know if it's the colors or the faces or the wings or maybe how you put it all together. Wonderful!! :) Silke


Wonderful artwork love the way you hand quilted around the pieces with face and the wings are perfect.

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