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March 15, 2009


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Wow Barbara this is excellent. So many great details. I love them.

Marie (aka Ozstuff)

I left a comment for you at MMM but had to add another WOW to your webpage. Your sample is one of if not THE BEST painting I have seen on the blog challenges. It is fantastic. I could keep adding superlatives but may I just say that I am blown away by your artistry. Hugely great stuff.


fabulous card Barbara!!!


Magnificent Barbara! What a complete burst of colour and life - you are wonderful!!
That paper never looked so good before, I swear!! xoxoxo


Fantastic !! Love this one !!
Patti xx


This gorgeous - I have no words


Beautiful! Love all the colour.


very colorful, so lovely. thanks for hoisting this week's art challenge!

Diana Evans

This piece is amazing!!! I really love it....it makes me feel happy and the colours really pop!


Oh, the vibrant colors! Oh, the delicious details! Love, love, love it!!


loooooove the colorful and delightful artwork, the whole piece speaks spring. makes me veeeery happy :)


Thanks for challenge - spring colours - You have made a wonderful piece with a lot of spring releted stuff in.


I aready commented on this at MMM, but I am so in awe of it that I had to come see it here.I believe this is my favorite thing you've done, Barbara. The orange, yellow, and blue combination simply vibrates on the page, and among the many other things I love about about your page are: the opera length gloves, her HAIRDO, the butterfly in the lower right, the borders, and her face! Is it hand-drawn?

I love, love, love this collage!



So bright, vibrant and dynamic, a true spring spirit dancing in the rainbow of colours


Very vibrant. I love all the color and detail. So much to look at!


what an amazing blast of colour and so much detail!

Karen Salva

Soooooo vibrant and fun and is that a BEE I see?


This is really beautiful, I love your colours


Your work is amazing! Wonderful spring page, so bright and lively! I love your whole blog, your pages are gorgeous.

Heather Robinson

This piece is just joyous and full of exuberance. It was a delight to see on a Monday morning. Gorgeous combination of elements so masterfully assembled.

Karen Salva

You are featured again!


Have a bee-utiful day!


I have an award for you at my blog... which I hope you will accept? xoxoxo


I love love love this journal page. The colors totally wowed me when I saw them on the MMM blog. So happy you visited my blog so I could in turn find yours!! Have a beautiful day.


Hi Barbara this is really beautiful i love the vibrant colours, thanks for stopping by Arty Girlz and saying goos bye :-)

crissi xx

Lisa Kettell

This is absolutely beautiful!
Magic and Joy!


I had a chance to look at the rest of your blog this morning and I have to say that your journal pages are amazing! so full of detail, especially this one :)

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