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March 12, 2009


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this page is GREAT! love the shades of green and the concept is wonderful!


What a wonderful image. Love them.


Fabulous page, Barbara!


Absolutelty gorgeous!


I laughed when I read about the "white bit"... Did you feel humbled or just plain angry?!! If it were me (and possible), I'd get back in there and tint that bit!! But I'm sure you've thought of that already - *gg*
This is such a strong, yet gentle page - love it! You are still my inspiration! xoxoxo




Barbara, This page makes me so happy! The colors here are about exactly what I tried to verbalize in my post yesterday: renewal, spirituality, joy. I make "mistakes" on almost every piece of art I create, but I have found that these are most often "happy accidents" that force me to do the unexpected. I really think that some of my favorite pieces result from being forced to be creative in my attempt to work around a "mistake." Another artist told me recently that sometimes she deliberately throws coffee grounds on a painting or takes her electric sander to a canvas, to force herself to be more original. My art has had a tendency to be quite planned, but I'm trying to loosten up these days! I think what you've created here is fresh and fun.


ps It means a great deal to me that my elephant touched your heart.

~*~ Patty

Your green sleep and dream page is brilliant Barbara. I must tell you until you mentioned the white spot, I had not yet noticed it. It goes that way with artists tho, doesn't it. I often see things when I scan a piece, in fact, I use that as a tool sometimes for adding a final something. Could you try and use a bit of color on a Qtip to dull it down a little or will it not take because of the gel medium?
Wonderful art work lady!



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