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February 13, 2009


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The patterns here are phenomenal and so are you! I have a little something something for you on my blog and you don't even have to pass it on! Happy V Day,]



Good for you! Firstly, what a cute image... and yep, keep scanning them - they are wonderful!
Secondly, I too have a HP officejet - printer, scanner, fax, copier, but it doesn't give any major problems... although we bought an Epson recently for photoprinting - DH is doing far more photography this year and I want to sell note-cards of some of my art and line drawings, so that was the best buy for us too! I agree with you value-wise, Epson can't be beaten - plus they are brilliant for transfers... xoxoxo Happy you're happy!!


Well don't even get me started on HP all in ones - Oh yes I've got one and the bloomin' thing was expensive too and won't print on any decent weight of card the ink goes so quickly although it has 5 individual little cartridges but surprise surprise they all seem to go done together - Grrrr!!!
I bought it becasue it was a wireless connection which I need but NEVER again - constant paper jams and if it doesn't like the paper - spits it out!!!


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