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September 10, 2008


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I love these pages! The Russian themed page is beautiful and very evocative of Moscow - DH said that!!
The double spread (cosas rotas) is beautiful. I love the vibrant backgeounds and the eye is amazing!
I remember that poem by Jessica Nelson - it was all too familiar when I read it I found my self saying the words before I'd even read them!!
Your work is wonderful and Marcie will live happily ever after on my bag till we are both old, frey and in need of washing! Thank you! xoxoxo


Awesome work hun well donexxxx


wow.. someones been busy! love your staples stamp


Brilliant stuff Barbara
Well Done on joining This Thursday!


Christine (Craftling)

Excellent stuff, Barbara! Great to see something completely original. :o)

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your brilliant response regarding word verification on Rosie's blog! When I announce the winner and summarise my findings, may I quote some of what you said?

I think it will be useful to make the point you did that Captcha wasn't intended for the small volume of comments most people get on their blogs.

Thanks again. Off to have a browse around your blog! :o)

Chris xx

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