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September 27, 2008


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Wow wow wow wow I´ve missed again my words. Brilliant idea.
I love it.

Thanks Barbara for this eonderful entry to TGiF.


This is a lovely piece!


Wow... this is GREAT, Barbara!


Very nice idea and beautiful work.

jo capper-sandon

What a fantastic idea. This is great- love the fact that its squashy... you made me smile when I saw 'normal people' crossed out lol.


Jane is a sweetie. I so enjoyed the narrative, as I can relate to all the bits and pieces you have saved. I have an old tin full of my grandmother's sewing notions. I also have her scrapbook cookbook that I treasure.


Hi Barbara
Aww this is wonderful!
Love it and soo cute!
Brilliant idea to..


Considering I have a Marcie, this is yet another cutie!! I really loved your post... I have stuff from my MIL that I use on projects. The thin lace I used for this challenge I refer to as 'knicker' lace because it's a horrid flesh colour!!
Your Jane is really great and I empathise too because I always seem drawn back to sewing something or other!!


Wow this is so sweet hun well done xxxx


I think Jane is absolutely fantastic. I loved your account of saving all those wonderful items from your mother and grandmother. I have a few too. I bet the spools you have are wooden ones and not the plastic ones that they use now. I admire your working with cloth like this, on tiny dolls. The lace is beautiful on Jane's tag.


Darling little item. So cute.




Cute little art doll. Go Jane Go.


Very cute piece, love the vintage look of it!

~*~ Patty

Your JANE is wonderful Barbara, the laces are the perfect compliments! Enjoyed reading your back story as well, we are birds of a feather. Almost nothing looks like it should be tossed out, does it :) :) :)

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