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August 31, 2008


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Looks great, love the colours.


Gorgeous papers and a lovely abstract piece x


Freshness of color, elegant details, and natural elements give this piece an award winning spring garden feel. I see why you love it, Barbara! I do too!


Beautiful and it sounds like it was fun to do. How great you could use if for multiple challenges.


Wow this is gorgeous.
Wonderful design and colors. Love them.


love the colors of course! beautiful piece. never heard of the designer before. really like her modern oriental line ;)


I think that is what it is all about designing for yourself, at least in my opinion. I really doubt that the great artist thought to please anyone but themself. After all we all have our own thoughts what art should be and for me it is when you are true to yourself that you are successful. Off my soapbox now!!:)


Those charms are divine! When I first saw the circles, I thought they were punched out holes, so I went and looked at the big picture... I get it now! Your attention to detail is fab. Undestated elegance. I love your bold colours, always!

Heather Wombacher

I love how you showcased those lovely metallic embelishments, great color combo too, Great job!


Wow awesome work hun well done xxx

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