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August 05, 2008


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Man if I could talk and write my feelings like you I would be in heaven but then again that wouldn't be me, but you so I will just say you are amazing Barbara. Yes I am ready and anxious to go to AU, looking forward to it and to spending some money. I think you have my cell # so we can meet up there. See ya.


Wow this is really special.
Fantastic creation.


Wowww... I just LOVE your Queeen of dreams !!!
Patti xx


Thanks for sharing your story with us Barbara and I am very glad that you are back.

Your Queen of dreams looks great, a "royal" art piece.


You used the heart-shaped punchinella! Fabulous piece, Barbara, I like the separation of the long strip to the right, like creating distance.
I'm getting better at making choices too. I now lust after gel mediums and paints, as opposed to inks, cutters, punches, etc. I think my turning point was starting work at the Scrapstore and seeing the possibilities for recycling...
I love that you share these feelings - you certainly always strike a chord with me! :-]


Loev it, love all the layers


I think your story is one all of us, or at least some of us, can relate to. I'm not to the point you are at. I am still soaking up how-to's. Your piece above is so gorgeous. Maybe I'll get out my paper making stuff today while dh is playing golf. He likes to be away from the mess of paper making.

Gabrielle Fabian

The "Queen of Dreams" is beautiful, and your post is so articulate, reflective, and well voiced! I definitely relate to your earlier self, and am getting closer to refinement daily! Thanks for the inspiration...


What a wonderful free challenge piece of art. Love the colors and composition.


Your artistic journey has been so much like my own. It was very enlightening to read your story. In March I started painting again after a very long dry spell, at almost the same time I started blogging. Meeting, talking to, and learning from the ideas of other artists has enriched me both spiritually and creatively. I think this magic soup of friendship and inspiration has caused me to grow more as an artist the last 6 months than in any other time in my life. Thank you so much for the award you gave us. Now that our first week at school is almost over, Ava and I can calm down and focus long enough to pass the honor on to three other artrists. Your kind support and enthusiasm for our work has meant so much to us both. It is privilege to receive this award from an artist like you.

Love and hugs,
Alberta and Ava

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