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July 24, 2008


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Kelly B



Awwwwwwwwww wow Barbara this is incredible. Love the design.

Fiona Whitehead

This is stunning - and I learned a lot from reading through your instructions - tfs! Truly inspiring - thanks for joining in with This Thursday.


wonderful work Barbara, thank you for joining in with us!X

Tracey Dean

Barbara Im insired to go out and get some get some gel medium today. This is amazing can't wait to try this myself. Thats what I like about This Thursday, every time I check through the entries I find laods of great new inspiration. thanks for yours.
Thanks for taking part in this weeks challenge and I think you have created something really beautiful and taught me about something useful gel medium


Awesome - I have been reading your other blogs too - one very talented lady!


This turned out beautifully, Barbara. I love the combination of robin's egg blue with green. Thank you for describing how you made the paper. Recently I've begun to get that feeling I often have after I've used the same process over and over. I'm still having fun with my collages and have so many ideas for composition I've yet to try, but I've felt the need to try something more sophisticated than my old cut and paste method. This piece of work is a great inspiration to me.



lovely lovely .. (and very W Morris inspired lol).. and I agree regarding techniques and sharing.. I always like to tell all the details if anyone asks.. I am just too lazy to type them out on every post .. lol


Thank you so much for sharing. I found your article fascinating and can't wait to try something new. I love the artwork you have created x


This is fantastic. Really beautiful work. Kimx


Such a fantastic 8x8. So many details.


wow, this is great, I wouldnt have the nerve to start something like this, well done


You really are the real McCoy, Miz Hagerty! I think that is one of the most beautiful papers I've ever seen... and sharing is wonderful. I was fascinated. To me, it sounds a lot less messy than paper pulp, which doesn't really appeal to me, but your technique, I may just have to try! That will be a gorgeous album when you're done!


so marvelous, gorgeous and so much fun


Lovely paper.

I've always been a fan of the Mission/Arts and Crafts look and your paper really captures that.

I haven't made paper from scratch in a very long time.

Yesterday I spent some time working on the bandana technique. Lots of fun and certainly addictive. lol


Looks beautiful! I am also happy if I see a tutorial;o) I used the fabric paper for my house (on my Blog). This technique you can also try on thin cotton so you can sew it.

Jean Zoss

very cool! you've inspired me to try this at home!!


An inspirational 8x8 Barbara, I'm intruiged by your handmade paper, thank you for sharing.

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