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July 28, 2008


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Ooo, Ohh, how gorgeous is that!! Wow, you should do an entire book of these beautiful pages! I LOVE IT!!!


Oh my godness this is spectacular. Wonderful piece. Love them.

Thanks for this great entry to Saturday´s Workout.




What beautiful work Barbara. Thank you for explaining how you made it.
I have been reading "Artiphacts" and you are absolutely right in what you say about picking up on the mood of a challenge or letting a memory take over your ideas x


What a fantastic result you achieved. I need to develop the patience to layer mediums like that (should've said media maybe!) I am not good at cutting, although I can cut very straight with scissors!!
The Crow in the trees is all one ATC-sized stamp from Diva Imp. and the small ones are 4 in a row with hats on! I love them and the other she sent me to play with is the Queen of Crows like a playing card! (I call her Sheryl Crow!)
I seem to have this fixation with burning and melting stuff... and I agree about the ATC girl - she does look a bit like an ink blot! So, what did you see? *grins*

Anne, Bulles dorées

stunning blog !!
j'adore !!

Karen Owen

Absolutely stunning! the background, the colors, the birds -- all of it combines to make one gorgeous work of art.

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