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July 15, 2008


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Bravo!! Well said!! Hear, hear! I think it's the competitive thing that upsets the balance for a lot of crafty/arty peeps. It appears to me to be something insidious that creeps up on you... like a snake in the grass.
I feel that I'm 'getting' it now - the play and the projects and developing slowly. Joining Trish Bee's Yahoo Group was the most liberating thing I ever did in my life! Then came you... LOL!
That's a splendid and glorious piece of doodle-ship and would look spectacular anywhere. I hope you left a link to this post for Trish to read - she'll be immensely flattered!

Gabrielle Fabian

This post is fantastic Barbara! Your bandanna piece is wonderful, and your perspective regarding challenges (all aspects of them) is well said. I feel as tho you opened the door on my forehead and took a peek in there :)
Thanks also for the art buzz link, I all ready checked it out and subscribed it.


I use challenges so that at least I am creating something every day as with a large family my time is limited. I am just off to check the Trish Bee blog.


I've been reading a lot about the bandana technique of late, but have yet to try it.

Your piece is fantastic!

I came upon the blog art challenges only a short time ago myself, but for me, they were just the 'push' I needed to get back to my creative place. I had somehow lost my vision in the midst of every day life. The challenges helped open me back up to a big part of myself, though I agree, that taken for more than they are, they could be more of a hinderence than a help (for me personally).

Because of that I've backed off on some of them, only doing those that truly interest me, and spending the rest of my artistic time taking online classes (Altered Diva), and doing my own thing. Still, I thank the challenges for helping me through a blocked period of time. I'm flying again...and creating, and I'm very happy about that! :-)

Barbara Hagerty

Thanks for your comments on this!

Just to clarify: I LOVE the challenges, and plan to continue with them FOREVER, I hope. But never to do them in place of my own work, but in addition to it. I was just saying that it can be easy to become so thrilled with the challenges, and addicted to them, that you're tempted to make them a priority over your own original ideas, and this is what I, myself, have to watch, because I REALLY LOVE participating in all of them! But yes, I'm going to keep doing them! Life and art is so much richer because of them!!

Trish Bee

HEY STOP TALKING ABOUT ME COS IM STARTING TO TURN A LOVELY SHADE OF RED!! Barbara thankyou for those lovely encouraging words you wrote about my challenge! Some days I have rare moments of self doubt and ask myself why Im bothering uploading and sharing my artwork and ideas and mumblings and if anyone would miss me if I didnt bother....then along comes a blog post like yours which encourages me to continue in my quest for art and sharing art, and more importantly encouraging others to make art too! Art & Love makes the world go round! Its good for the soul :) Your bandana background is truly beautiful. I love the colours and the doodles which literally pop out! Gorgeous!

Tracey Dean

Hi Barbara just to tell you that both your peices last week are in our favorites

Heather Robinson

Bravo to you for putting challenges into perspective in such a succinct and perceptive way. Your art piece has a sense of freedom and playfulness to it!


I visit her blog on a regular basis and she gives much inspiration. that is one gorgeous background simply stunning.

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